Customer Reviews


By Richard Ball 

I have known Michael O'Neill; owner and chief mechanic at Mr. Tune Up's Auto Service for nearly 30 years. I've had every imaginable car put in his care. From early 50's Desotos to 1960's Studebakers, plus many vintage(and expensive), rare American muscle cars, to  a few exotic tourismos from Italy and Germany here and there over the decades.  Even my newer daily drivers; such as my wife's Cadillac to my Mercedes S Class all have been meticulously maintained by Mr. O'Neill!  All have received the very best service and repair - every time - and never with disappointment!  Like his father before him, he cares about his customers and more, he's personable! The adage that a good apple never falls far from the tree best exemplifies Mike and Mr. Tune Up's Auto Service. Like his father before him, he has never forgotten how mportant a customer's automobile is for them. Whether it's the car you depend on everyday, or the rare weekend exotic you suddenly find an unknown rattle in, he just conveys a sense of trust that is just so hard to find in the world today. Never in thirty years have I ever had doubt in the quality and fairness of the dozens of repairs and services Mike O'Neill has completed on my automobiles.

By Shelley Paur 

Best Mechanic on the planet. This guy is the Auto Whisperer. He has been our exclusive mechanic for almost 5 years. He is honest and will always look for the most economic way to make the repairs affordable. Recently, my car stalled out in the pick up line at my child's school. I called him and he listened to the car over the phone and told me the problem he thought it was.....sure enough, he was correct.....that is amazing! We will never take our vehicles anywhere else!

By Jefferson Black 

When I need a repair done right at a fair price, I call Mike. He doesn’t try to screw you over, he uses the highest quality stuff he can get,and he does it all at a reasonable price. He actually knows cars, unlike a lot of techs today, so he won’t nickel and dime you by replacing parts that are good. Mike is easily the best mechanic I’ve been to, and a great guy to bo

By Joel McCree 

I highly recommend the shop! Michael is honest and thorough. I will take both of my family vehicles to his shop from now on.

By Ian Rutherford 

My family and I were on our way to a vacation at the Grand Canyon when our E350 engine light came on. We were just hitting CO and starting to turn south when I found Mr. Tune Up's on line with my iPhone. I decided to go with them primarily because of the stellar online reviews. I called ahead and was well received by both people that I spoke with. We set up an anticipated time to get the van in the shop and limped into Falcon CO. just outside Colorado Springs.  

My experience matched exactly what I had read online: Personable care, honest labor, down home hard work, and excellence in their field. I was given up front pricing so there was no surprises. Also I witnessed Mr Tune Up's run several diagnostic services, at no charge, in order to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem. It added time but reduced cost considerably.  

It would have been easy for a shop to see the out of state plate and start racking up the labor, needed or not. Mr. Tune Up got me back on the road at the price they said they would. My family and I finished our trip and returned home happy with little time lost.  

I recommend Mr. Tune Up with 4 stars, reserving the 5th star only the extra ordinary such as out of body experiences or visitors from another planet. Thank you Mr Tune Up's!

By Michael Rozneck 

I started going to Mr. Tune Up a year ago after being lied to and ripped off by other chain mechanic places. Mike is 100% the real deal! Honest, Hardworking and will not rip you off.  Bring your car/truck to him and you’ll never go any ware else

By Michael Black

Mike is a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic. I know I can trust my car to him any time I need a repair. He makes everything easy. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a dependable mechanic.

By Rick Fischer

When we moved to Falcon I started looking for a new mechanic that could work on our cars and was closer to the house.  I heard of Mike of “Mr. Tune Up” so I went over to his shop, what I found was a maintenance shop that was clean and well organized.  When I talked with Mike I found him to be knowledgeable and felt that he had my best interest in mind.  I always recommend Mike when I hear of someone looking for a reliable mechanic.

By Mike R 

I started going to Mr. Tune Up a year ago after being lied to and ripped off by other chain mechanic places. Mike is 100% the real deal! Honest, Hardworking and will not rip you off. Bring your car/truck to him and you'll never go any ware else.

By Greg P 

An honest and comprehensive car guy, I bring both my VWs to Mike, and I've been very happy with the service and the flexibility. We've moved into the area, and had heard some of the positive reviews, and they are true, very happy and will keep coming back; since it is a VW. :) Thanks Mike for all the work!

By T Baggett

 I take my cars to Mr. Tune Ups exclusively. As a matter of fact, I passed on having warranty work done by the dealership on my Benz (which would have been free) to have Mr. Tune Ups do it instead. It was a small job but I just know Michael will do it right, every time - period. If you have any auto work that needs to be done, Mr. Tune-ups is the place to go!

By Tom White

I highly recommend the shop! Michael is honest and thorough. I will take both of the family vehicles to his shop from now on., I can't say enough good things about Mr. Tune-Ups! When I took my car there it was overheating so bad I thought it might be done... On short notice, he was able to get my car running great, faster than I would have thought possible, for much less than I was expecting. It was so easy I couldn't believe it. Mike is a man you can trust. You can bet I'll recommend him to all my friends and family.

By J Bennett 

I've taken my car to many places over the years. When I got into Mike's shop I was expecting the same old song and dance. Some shop run by a high school drop-out who claims you need this, you need that, you can't drive your car away because it's unsafe (I've been there... trust me!). I had never been so impressed. His level of professionalism was enough to leave me speechless. He explained everything that was wrong with my car, offered to show me my parts that were bad, and never once tried to force me into buying anything I didn't want., You should bring your car here if you want someone honest, trustworthy, and reliable to really help you with your problem(s). Thank you Mike for everything you did for me!!!,

Hard To Find Good Mechanics, 

By gibsons2006 - I am a heavy equipment mechanic and race open wheel type race cars. I was to busy getting ready for the race season and did not have time to repair my 1998 B4000 Mazda pickup so I had Michael fix a rear end noise and do some frontend suspension work along with a check engine light problem. He got started on the work the morning after I droped the truck off. He called me and told me the things he found bad and researched the most economical way to fix them. I had the truck back in 2 days with excellent results. I have had Mike do other work on my family cars and have had great work done. I will continue to call on him to work on my vehicles. I think I have found a great place to have work done!By gibsons2006 - March 25, 2010

I Take My Cars to Mr. Tune Up’s Exclusively, 

By Travis Baggett 

I take my cars to Mr. Tune Ups exclusively. As a matter of fact the other day I passed on having warranty work done by the dealership on my Benz (which would have been free) to have Mr. Tune Ups do it instead. It was a small job but I just know Michael will do it right, every time - period.

Honest Mechanic, 

By celtool -Mr. Tune Up's for almost a year now and have found him to be reliable, honest, and fair in his pricing. I recommend him to all my friends.‎, I have been using

Great Mechanic, By Aaron

Mr. Tune Ups now for over 5 years, you will not find a more honest Mechanic in Colorado Springs, he will go out of his way to make sure you get the best service possible, He only uses quality parts, and stands behind his work. I recommend him to my friends and co-workers and clients.

Don Since the 1980's, By Don  

I have been using MR. TUNE UP'S AUTO SERVICE in the early 1980's then known as Johnny's Auto Repair, Truly a proud family run business in Torrance California. Finding a mechanic is a little like finding a new doctor. How do you know if they're honest, trustworthy and really looking out for my best interest instead of their own? The first time taking my cars to Johnny's Auto Repair, (now Mr. Tune Up's Auto Service) was like having family members working with you. Mike now owner and chief mechanic continues the same family values that he grew up with. He is extremely knowledgeable about foreign as well as domestic cars, there's no “hard sell” for extra services as with many other shops. If my car needs something right away Mike will always take the time to point out the downside to putting it off for a few months and he's been right every time so far. I know that once I find somebody like Mike in any service industry, I hold onto them like family and make sure all my friends know about Mr. Tune Up's Auto Service so they can avoid the same hassles and headaches I've experienced in my early years.

My relationship started with,Mr. Tune Up’s, A man you can trust., 

By Wendall I have always been a perfectionist in my professional career. When it comes to my cars, performance is a must. Michael, Mr. Tune-ups is the most professional, talented and trustworthy mechanic I have ever met in over 50 years of driving. He is Honest, sincere and knows his stuff. He keeps both my vehicles running SWEET! Wendell J. Putnam - President Cardell Enterprises.

Reputable and Reliable Mechanic~Excellent…, 

By Larry - ‎, automotive work done at Mr. Tune Ups for the past 5 years and will continue to do so. His work is always outstanding and is done correctly and efficiently. Mr. Tune Ups always gives prompt and courteous service. He is upfront and explains to us exactly what needs to be repaired or serviced on our vehicles. He uses the best in quality parts and never does work that is not needed on the vehicles. His service to our vehicles is done correctly the first time. Mr. Tune Ups rating is always 5 stars in customer satisfaction and service. We highly recommend taking your vehicle to him for mechanical and all automotive needs. You cant go wrong!‎, ‎, My family has been having our, Honest Mechanic - Great Work, 

By debbie - 

Mr. Tune Ups for all my car repair needs now for several years. As a matter of fact, any time I have contemplated a used car purchase I run the car by to get his expert opinion on what the car might need. He has done little and large jobs for me. He is meticulous in his work and always goes the extra mile to make sure my cars are well taken care of. The value of the work I have received is simply excellent. I have referred others to him and will continue to do so. For those of us that are not capable of doing it ourselves, finding a mechanic that you can trust and that you know does great work at a fair price is indeed priceless. That is what you will find with Mr.Tune Ups. He is the best.‎, ‎, I have used, Very good Mechanic, 

By kris_w2001 

I have been using Mr tune ups for several years. In that time he has always been very honest and does a quality job. I have been involved with auto repair for many years, and I know a good mechanic when I see one. He uses professional grade parts (there are an awful lot of cheap substandard garbage parts out there that DO NOT last) so you won't have to do the repair again in a couple of weeks. - a lot of "bargain hunters" get burned on a regular basis by substandard parts installed by auto mechanic chain stores, and have to pay for the same work twice. He does the work once, does it correctly and in a timely manner, uses quality parts, stands by his work and charges a fair price.‎, ‎, He is the best mechanic around!!!

By Michelle M. - 

He is the best mechanic I have ever been to and so honest! He makes my car run like never before and never sells me things I do not need. You'll never take your car anywhere else but his shop if you take your car there.